All Natural Canker Sore Treatments

Canker sores are sores found on or near your mouth. They are also be known as aphthous ulcers or as mouth ulcers. They may be very painful because of their location on your cheeks, inside of your lips or underneath your tongue. Canker sores are quite common and many people will experience them when they are in their teens or their early twenties. Thankfully, canker sores can be treated. However, they do have high rates of recurrence. Canker sores often present as sores that are red in color with a white circle. The irritation feels like a burning sensation when when you eat acidic foods. While many canker sores heal on their own in about a week, some canker sores live on for longer periods. Thankfully, canker sores are not known to be contagious.

All Natural Canker Sore TreatmentsThere is no known direct cause of canker sores. However, there are many possible options. One possible cause of canker sores may be a gluten intolerance. This intolerance is also known as Celiac disease. If you believe you may have a gluten intolerance, your doctor can test you for this allergy.

Canker sores may also be the product of a weak immune system and some researchers believe that the sores are a product of a virus or bacteria. Doctors also believe that stress, allergies and fatigue may contribute to the possibility of getting canker sores. Yet another potential cause of canker sores is trauma that occurs in your mouth, like accidentally biting your cheek or burning yourself with hot food or drinks.

In addition to being common in young people, canker sores are also common in women during their menstrual cycle, which suggests that there is a hormonal aspect involved in the development of canker sores. Finally, scientist believe that vitamin deficiencies will also contribute to recurring canker sores, however there is not sufficient evidence to support these claims.

All Natural Canker Sore TreatmentsMany of the treatments available for canker sores include ointments with anti-inflammatory properties. These ointments are applied to the sores and can help stop them from getting irritated as you go through your daily routine of eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. Some people experience so much pain that they take ibuprofen for pain relief while others prefer a more natural therapy such as taking zinc lozenges,  vitamin B complex supplements or using a chamomile and sage mouthwash.

Dr. Weil recommends a number of natural therapies for the treatment of canker sores. These natural choices include:

  • You may consider gargling a mixture of salt water and goldenseal powder.
  • You may increase your vitamin B complex intake with a supplement.
  • You may apply tincture of proplis, a bee product that may be purchased in health stores that is said to have antiseptic properties.
  • You may consider applying an extract of licorice root called DGL.
  • Mix slippery elm powder with water and apply the paste to your sores to promote healing.
  • Put alum powder on the affected area to experience fast healing.
  • Readjust your mindset through hypnosis.
  • Increase your intake of probiotics.
  • Adjust your diet to avoid spicy, abrasive and acidic foods.
  • Ensure your toothpaste does not use sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient.