Canker Sores: What Not to Eat

Some foods have a high level of acidity. This means that the pH value of that food is high. The pH value is measured on a fourteen point scale and if the pH value of a food is low, that means that it is very acidic. Foods that have a pH value of seven or above are often considered to be neutral foods while scores lower than six contain a high amount of acid. Your body contains natural levels of acid which is measured by a pH balance. This balance demonstrates how much acid is in your body at any given time. Having acid in your body is normal but when your acid level is out of balance, you may start to experience symptoms that reflect this. People who have abnormal acid levels often feel very tired and irritable. They alsoCanker Sores: What Not To Eat get several infections and have frequent headaches. If you suffer from a high pH level in your body, you may be unintentionally making your symptoms worse by consuming food that has a high acidity level.


Even starchy vegetables can have high levels of acid. Lentils, squash, olives and corn all have higher levels of acid than other vegetables. Corn’s acid measurement is 5.2 which is higher than lentils which have a pH level of 6.3. These foods still have plenty of nutritional value but if you are attempting to regulate the amount of acid in your body by lowering your acidic intake, it may be best to avoid them.


Grains that are processed often have higher levels of acidity than those that are not. Grains that have been bleached, like white flour and the baked products made from white flour, have pH levels that are around 5. Baked goods containing processed grains are also low in other nutrients, so if you are experiencing any symptoms you should trade these in for more nutritional whole grains.


Canker Sores: What Not To EatProcessed dairy is hard for many people to digest. Dairy products include milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream. It does not matter if you buy low-fat products instead of regular products, they all have high levels of acid.


There are certain nuts in particular that are high in acid. These include walnuts, pecans, cashews and peanuts. Any products made from nuts are subsequently high in acid as well. Both nut butters and nut oils contain high levels of acid. Other oils that contain high levels of acid include oils made from seeds such as sesame, sunflower, and safflower oil. Olive oil, canola oil and corn oil also contain acid.


It does not matter whether they are high or low in calories, all alcoholic beverages contain acid and should be avoided if you are trying to regulate the amount of acid in your body. Alcoholic drinks are not the only acidic beverages, as citrus fruit juices and most carbonated sodas contain high levels of acid as well. To the disappointment of many, coffee and cocoa are also high in acid and may cause irritation if you are suffering from the symptoms caused by an irregular pH balance.