Five Things that Cause Canker Sores

There aren’t any real concrete known causes of canker sores, but there are some things that have been found to be a common denominator in those that suffer from them. This knowledge allows us to determine what might be the cause of painful canker sores and these are our top five causes.

  1. Five Things that Cause Canker SoresNot getting enough vitamins

If a person has a low amount of B-12 in their body then this can be a cause of the sores appearing. If adults require a certain amount of vitamins to stay healthy, then children require twice that because they are developing. If someone lacks enough of this important vitamin then the result could be painful canker sores.

  1. Nutrients aren’t going where they should

If you aren’t eating a well-balanced diet then your body can be completely out of whack and lacking some of the nutrients it really needs. Your body can be low in calcium, iron or zinc which will make you more susceptible to canker sores. Eating the best for your body can help you prevent the bothersome sores.

  1. Stress

It’s hard to believe but stress in your mouth can cause canker sores to form. This stress can be caused by biting your cheek, ill-fitting braces or dentures, or scraping it with cutlery. Stress can also happen by not keeping your mouth clean and not brushing regularly. You have to take care of your dental hygiene to make sure you aren’t leaving yourself susceptible to sores.

  1. Five Things that Cause Canker SoresA weak immune system

Those who get sick a lot or have an ailment that makes their immune system weak will get these types of sores easily because their body isn’t strong. The immune system needs to be strong to fight off these types of outbreaks and someone whose body can’t heal quickly will have trouble fighting them. Canker sores are not caused by virus ailments but a lot of people think that they are. The reason is because your immune system is weakened when you have a virus and it makes it more difficult to fight off canker sores, but the virus isn’t what is causing them to appear.

  1. Certain Foods

Allergic reactions to some foods can cause canker sores. For example, there are people who believe that eating pork causes them to appear. Others try to avoid acidic foods such as certain fruits that do not just irritate existing sores, but they are believed to actually cause them. An allergic reaction to tomatoes can give some people painful canker sores. As mentioned before, stress on the mouth can cause the sores and things that are acidic or spicy can cause also stress in your mouth.

These are five of the top ways you can get canker sores, so if you suffer from them frequently, you might want to see if any of these causes applies to you and your everyday lifestyle.