Foods to Eat with Canker Sores

Mouth ulcers, also known as canker sores, are small infected wounds that develop on the interior of your mouth or on the surface of your tongue. They are little more than a nuisance, however, the presence of these ulcers can make eating, drinking and speaking uncomfortable and inconvenient. Typically, these sores appear only one at a time, however in some extreme cases, the sores appear in clusters and can be accompanied by fatigue and a mild fever. Mouth ulcers have no single discernible cause, although they may appear as a result of various circumstances. In all cases, the ulcer itself is caused by an infectious wound. Since your body is fighting a bacterial infection, you can speed up the healing process by adhering to a strictly balanced diet, avoiding unhealthy or acidic food and by getting plenty of sleep. This way you help your immune system fight the infection and avoiding certain foods and eating plenty of others can help increase the rate of healing even further.Foods to Eat With Canker Sores

Generally soft and not too intense food is what you should be looking to add to your daily diet. To avoid overly spicy dishes, you should stick to soft vegetables such as green beans, peas and mashed potatoes. You should avoid acidic fruits and vegetables such as oranges and tomatoes. Sores can cause pain if the sensitive white center comes into contact with food, so the goal is for it to stay in your mouth for the shortest time possible, to reduce the chance of further irritation.

You should construct a diet of non-acidic and easy to swallow dishes. If your ulcers are caused by a deficiency of some kind, make sure to add the right supplement to your diet in order to prevent any ulcers from developing in the future.

Foods to Eat With Canker SoresWhile there are many foods which will help heal your ulcers, there are a lot of foods that should be avoided, if you want to spare yourself additional pain. As previously mentioned, highly acidic fruits and vegetables should be avoided at all costs. Make sure not to eat or drink any orange juice, lemons, pineapple, grapefruit, lime or grapefruit juice. The sores are extremely sensitive and the high acidity in these fruits and beverages will aggravate the sore, which will cause increasing pain. Very spicy or very salty dishes will also irritate the ulcers. Make sure to avoid junk food such as crisps and popcorn due to the saltiness and spiciness. You should avoid foods that have sharp edges as these can cause crippling pain if jabbed into the ulcer.

Though they are mostly harmless and heal relatively quickly, you will probably want to get rid of your mouth ulcers as soon as possible. Certain home remedies include mouthwashes and pastes made with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Another option is purchasing non-prescription medicines. If you decide to use a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, make sure not to swallow the solution, and rinse your mouth out after use. Mouth ulcers are rarely a sign of a more serious medical condition, however if an ulcer does not heal within two weeks, make sure to contact your doctor.