How to Get Rid of Mouth Sores

There are certain medications, foods and dental hygiene products that can cause sores in your mouth. These sores are often referred to as canker sores. While there are several over-the- counter topical ointments that can soothe canker sores, you may also want to consider one of many natural remedies that may help relieve the painful symptoms of canker sores. Changing the way you eat and avoiding the foods that cause your canker sores can help heal them faster. You can also make a homemade paste to further relieve pain.

How to get Rid Of Mouth SoresOne of the best things you can do to both prevent and relieve canker stores is to adjust your diet. By removing foods that are known to be common culprits of canker sores, you may allow your sores to heal faster. Foods like pineapple juice, shellfish, vinegar and salty, spicy or acidic foods can irritate mouth sores. Many people find that by avoiding milk, cheese and other dairy products, they get fewer canker stores. To find out whether certain foods irritate you or cause canker sores, you may consider keeping a food diary and eliminating foods from your diet.

You can also use homemade treatments like pastes to help relieve your canker sores. By applying a paste made from baking soda mixed with some water, you can relieve some of the pain caused by canker sores. You might consider applying this baking soda paste with a cotton swab because the soft cotton tip will not irritate the sore. Some people also find that putting some milk of magnesia on and around the sore also helps relieve pain.

A saltwater rinse is also a traditional way to relieve the pain from canker sores. These homemade remedies should be repeated a couple of times each day and you should continue until the sore is fully healed.

How to get Rid Of Mouth SoresNo one understands what causes canker sores but some doctors believe that a vitamin deficiency may be the root of the problem. A study from the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine discovered that by improving your vitamin B12 intake, you can heal your canker sores faster. If you cannot get enough vitamin B12 from food, then you may consider taking a supplement. By taking 1000 mcg of a B12 supplements daily, you can both heal and prevent mouth sores.

Good oral hygiene is important, so be sure to continue brushing and flossing daily to help remove the bacteria that cause and irritate canker sores. To prevent irritation, you should use a soft toothbrush and also avoid toothpastes that use sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient as it has been shown to cause to canker sores. Smoking may also irritate canker sores and if you suffer from recurring canker sores, you may want to speak with your doctor to figure out a plan to quit smoking.

If you have more than one canker sore that is bigger than 3/8″ in diameter and you are also suffering from flu-like symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and nausea, you should contact your doctor. If your canker sores do not go away despite regular treatment after two weeks, you should contact your doctor.