How to Control Canker Sores with Vitamins

Canker sores, also known by the name aphthous ulcers, are lesions that occur on the soft tissues inside your mouth. They are different from “cold sores”, another type of lesion, since they aren’t contagious and cold sores appear mostly on the lips. Most of the time, canker sores have a natural healing process and go away on their own without needing medical assistance. If your sores are too painful or won’t heal after a certain amount of time, it is best to consult with your physician. There are vitamins that sometimes help in avoiding or alleviating these lesions and you should talk to your physician about taking them.

Step OneHow To Control Canker Sores With Vitamins

Start taking zinc supplements. The immune system is boosted by zinc, and fighting off infections is a way to fend off mouth sore breakouts. The recommended dose for men is 11mg per day, and for women the daily dose is 8mg. There are topical presentations for zinc supplements and they have been proven to help with the pain and to lower the frequency of canker sores, as reported by studies from the University of Maryland.

Step Two

It is recommended to consume vitamin B group supplements, particularly those with B-12 vitamin with folate, also known as folic acid. MedlinePlus says that low levels of these substances are connected to the appearance of these lesions, although it isn’t known what exactly causes canker sores. It is well known though, that the combination of folic acid and B-12 can be used for many purposes including the effective use of iron and forming healthy erythrocytes.

Step Three

Consult with your physician if you think you might have a niacin or vitamin B-3 deficiency. Even though it is quite uncommon to actually have a niacin insufficiency, alcoholics have a tendency towards it. Mouth sores can signal this condition and you might have to supplement your intake of niacin. However, it is important that you talk to your doctor first before taking vitamin B-3.

Step Four

How To Control Canker Sores With VitaminsIt is important to take vitamin C supplements, mostly because its antioxidant properties help shelter cells from harm brought on by free radicals as well as give your immune system a nice boost. Since it is not uncommon that mouth sore breakouts may be caused by a weak immune system, these supplements will aid in that respect.


If canker sores are a problem for you, we recommend that you consult with your physician about the possibility of deficiencies in your vitamin intake. It is important that you refrain from taking supplements on your own without the permission of a doctor. You should know that canker sores can sometimes be the result of other diseases, like AIDS, H. pylori, stress or Celiac disease.


There are measures you can take in order to prevent these sores from appearing, like staying away or reducing the amount of acidic and salty foods in your diet, paying attention to your oral hygiene and finding ways to reduce your stress levels by exercising and meditating. Consult with your doctor and work out a plan to prevent canker sores.