Low Acid Fruit for Canker Sores

A canker sore can be very painful and tends to will show up at the worst times. There is no way to anticipate the appearance of canker sores except for a slight tingle you might feel in certain areas of your mouth like on your gums, tongue or the inside of your cheeks. This doesn’t mean that they can be prevented once you feel the tingle. When you eat fruits contain high levels of acid content you might see an influx of these open wounds in your mouth. That’s why it is advisable that people who are prone to canker sores eat fruits that are low in acid. Sometimes you can get a sore from biting the inside of your cheek, so if you have an open cut in your mouth you might want to avoid fruits with high acidity until it heals.

Why Does it Make a Difference?Low Acid Fruit For Canker Sores

When you eat a fruit that has a lot of acid in it and you have a canker sore in your mouth it can cause a lot of pain. It makes enjoying tropical fruit like oranges, lemons, and pineapples completely unenjoyable. It burns in a way similar to when you get lemon juice on a small cut and it isn’t at all pleasant. The size, location and the depth of the sore will determine how much it will hurt when it comes into contact with said fruits. The more the sore is moved around the more irritated it will get.

Even if they are some of your favorite fruits, they can be too painful to consume while you have canker sores. So the alternative is fruit that is low in acid content. You can eat fruits like raspberries, bananas, and apples as they won’t aggravate the sores or cause more pain. Over time you will learn what can make the pain flair and what doesn’t hurt you.

How Will you Know if you have a Canker Sore?

Low Acid Fruit For Canker SoresThese types of sores can be large or small and are often round with irritated flesh surrounding it. The center can be yellow or white and pain can be associated with eating or touching it with your tongue. This is a correlation between sores and certain types of food. This includes allergic reactions to some kinds of fruits that are high in acid like pineapples.

What Should you Do?

If you have a sore and you’re not sure why then look back over the week and see if you remember eating any acidic foods. If you leave the sore alone for a few days it will heal and if it doesn’t you might want to seek a professional opinion to figure out what’s going on. If the pain is severe then you might want to get something from the drug store to numb the area when you eat.