Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Toothpaste

You should make sure to check the ingredients of anything that you put into your body. This includes both your food and your cosmetic products. Toothpastes, in particular, are often filled with chemicals that you would never willingly eat and these chemicals are absorbed into your body when you are brushing your teeth. One of these chemicals is called sodium lauryl sulfate and it is a very common ingredient in oral hygiene products. It is recommended that consumers look for a toothpaste that does not contain this ingredient because it may cause canker sores.Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - Copy

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a salt that is taken from lauryl sulfate. It is used primarily for cleaning surfaces and is known for creating foam. SLS is a synthetic product and it is created in scientific laboratories. Laboratories that make SLS do so by denaturing dodecanol which is an alcohol that is derived from coconut oil and oil made of palm kernels. SLS is not only found in toothpaste, but it is also used in commercial and consumer cleaning products. While SLS is considered a low hazard by the FDA, some people believe that the process by which SLS is made causes it to become contaminated with toxins.

Toothpaste Without SLS

Now that more people are catching on to the potential dangers of SLS, there are more products available that do not contain this ingredient. You can buy most of these products at normal drug stores or retailers that sell toothpaste. Some of the most popular brands of toothpaste that does not contain SLS are Tom’s of Maine and Burt’s Bees. If neither of these brands appeal to you, you can search online for SLS free toothpaste such as Poofy Organics, Dr. Collins Natural Toothpaste or Happy Teeth Toothpaste.

Making Toothpaste at Home

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-Free ToothpasteSome of the toothpastes that are free of SLS can be expensive. As a result, some consumers choose to make their own toothpaste at home to ensure that it is free of chemicals. There are many blogs dedicated to making your own cosmetic and beauty products at home and a quick search online will pull up more than a few recipes. Most of the ingredients in these toothpastes are found in your kitchen cupboards. These ingredients include glycerin, baking soda and stevia. Some people even choose to add extracts or essential oils like peppermint or cinnamon to add a breath freshening element to their homemade toothpaste.

Protecting Your Teeth

Oral hygiene is an important part of your general health. Agencies like the American Dental Association suggest that you should brush twice each day with toothpaste to prevent the buildup of plaque. By removing plaque from your teeth regularly, you can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. You can help protect your overall health when you choose to purchase oral hygiene products that are free of controversial chemicals like SLS or related ingredients. If you are concerned about the ingredients in your toothpaste, you should watch out for propylene glycol, sodium laueth sulfate and butylated hydroxytoluene.