Treating Canker Sores in Infants

A canker sore is a very painful ulcer that forms in the mouth. One can develop on a baby’s tongue at a very young age. A sign that your child has one is if you see a round spot that gets red or inflamed when they eat. If this happens then there might be a canker sore present on your child’s tongue. While your child might feel them coming on, there is no way for them to tell you. They also can’t be prevented and are something that unfortunately has to be rode out until it’s gone.Treating Canker Sores in Infants

What is a Canker Sore?

This type of ailment can also be called aphthous ulcers and is sometimes associated with cold sores, which are not the same thing. A cold sore or a fever blister is brought on by a form of the herpes simplex virus while canker sores are not caused by a virus. These types of sores can appear on the tongue, gums, and cheeks. Babies use their tongues a lot to make noises and suck on their fingers, which can irritate the area.

How do you Know Your Child has a Canker Sore?

You will see a small yellowish or white sore on their tongue that is more or less round. It can be tiny and it can be large, but either way, it is painful. These can actually cause your baby to get a fever and they may be lethargic. While it isn’t common, sometimes there can be more than one at a time so if you see them in a cluster don’t panic.

What has Caused This?

Damage inside the mouth, such as biting the tongue, can bring about a canker sore. They can run in the family, so if you are prone to them, there is a good chance your child will develop them as well. When your child is allergic to a certain type of food then canker sores can sometimes be an allergic reaction. Low levels of zinc, folic acid, or iron can also cause this type of sore to pop up. Sometimes, if your child contracts a virus they can become more susceptible to these types of sores but there is no evidence proving that they are directly related.Treating Canker Sores in Infants

How do you Treat it?

Unfortunately, all you can do to treat a canker sore is try to make it less painful, but it will actually have to go away on its own. You can give the baby a wet rag to chew on to help alleviate some of the pain they might feel.

You can mix water and a little peroxide to dab on the sore to prevent it from getting worse, and giving the child ibuprofen for babies will help take care of some of the pain.

On average, it can take up to ten days for one sore to go away completely. Avoiding spicy foods and administering the above treatments will help keep the pain to a minimum until it is gone.