This is a product review for Canker Spanker Extra-Strength. This product claims to treat existing canker sores and to prevent future cankers sores from occurring. It claims to offer an all-natural remedy for your gums and is a quick, effective, and permanent relief treatment option with no numbing or awful taste. Read further to learn more about this product.


According to the information found on the official site, this product includes a combination of all-natural antibacterial ingredients. It claims that these ingredients help to get rid of canker sores permanently. Based on the information acquired during this review, this product is still under study at different universities to determine its exceptional abilities to prevent and treat canker sores. This is probably the reason why we could not find any information about the specific ingredients used to make this product. Without adequate information about the specific ingredients, we are concerned that some people might be skeptical about the product’s quality and effectiveness.


Clean between your teeth with this product. Make sure that it enters the area between the teeth and underneath the gums. This procedure allows Canker Spanker to relieve canker sores.


The price of one bottle on the product’s official site is $19.99. The shipping cost for each bottle is $3.00. We did not find any information about price discounts for this product meaning that consumers have to buy Canker Spanker at a fixed price per bottle even if they buy it in large quantities.


A money-back guarantee is one of the product features sought by many consumers before purchasing a product. After extensive research, we could not find any information about a money-back guarantee for Canker Spanker. Therefore, users who are not satisfied with the product are unlikely to receive a refund. In this respect, potential buyers might lose their confidence in the product. We also did a comprehensive research to find out whether users have benefited from this product. We found only two product reviews on the product’s official site. Although both reviews are positive, we are concerned that they are too few to convince potential buyers that the product is effective. It is also a concern that the only available reviews are on the manufacturer’s site and the latest review was posted three years ago.


Canker Spanker claims to treat both canker sores and mouth sores completely. However, it is still difficult to ascertain whether it is an effective treatment. We advise users to look for products that have adequate information about the ingredients, dosage, side effects, satisfaction guarantee, and other important factors. The benefits associated with this product include a fair price and two positive testimonials. However, the drawbacks associated with this product seem to outweigh the benefits. There is no adequate information about the ingredients used to make this product. Furthermore, there is no information about a money-back guarantee to ensure that customers will not lost out on their money should the product fail to work for them.

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