This is a product review for Diomed Developments Iglu Rapid Relief Gel. This product claims to provide a fast and effective treatment for mouth ulcers and canker sores. It works by protecting the exposed parts of your nerves or delicate tissue, providesantiseptic properties, relieves pain, and prevents further infections. Read on to learn more about Diomed Developments Iglu Rapid Relief Gel.


The active ingredients in this product include:

  • Lidocaine hydrochloride (0.66 percent w/w)- this ingredient has anesthetic properties.
  • Aminoacridine hydrochloride (0.05 percent w/w)- has antiseptic properties.

Other ingredients include:

  • Hydroxypropylcellulose
  • Carbomer
  • Liquid paraffin
  • White soft paraffin
  • Peppermint oil


For children over seven years of age and adults, follow the following steps. Clean your hands and remove the excess saliva from the affected area with a clean tissue. The next step involves squeezing a small amount of the gel onto a clean and dry finger, or a cotton bud, and applying the gel directly on the ulcer by gently wiping it. Repeat these steps for each sore. Consumers should only use this product for the short term treatment of canker sores and use it only for the recommended purposes. Do not apply this gel if you are allergic to the ingredients.

Possible Side Effects

The information written on the package leaflet for Diomed Developments Iglu Rapid Relief Gel shows that this product might have some undesired effects on users. It can cause unwanted reactions if consumed by people who are sensitive to the active ingredients used to manufacture the product. Side effects that can occur include a shortness of breath or wheezing. It is important to seek medical attention if these symptoms appear. In the case of any other unwanted symptoms apart from the ones mentioned on the leaflet, discontinue use and see your doctor. Moreover, users should not take more than the recommended dosage because overdosing can also cause negative side effects.


Consumers can buy Diomed Developments Iglu Rapid Relief Gel from different online stores for the price of £5.85 for a package of 8 grams. However, some retailers sell it for a higher price. We believe that this is a fair price considering the size of the package. We were unable to find any discounts or sales.


We were unable to find any money-back guarantee associated with this product. Without this guarantee, potential users may worry about the effectiveness of the product. We identified several customer reviews. Most of them are positive although some consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the product.


It may seem that customers can trust Diomed Developments Iglu Rapid Relief Gel because the product contains adequate amounts of the main ingredients. Both ingredients offer a strong formulation for treating ulcers and canker sores because of their antiseptic and anesthetic qualities. The price is affordable and the package leaflet provides clear dosage instructions. However, there are some negative product reviews from those who have tried the product. Additionally, this product is likely to cause undesired side effects if consumed by individuals who are sensitive or allergic to the ingredients.

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