This is a product review for Durham’s Bee Farm Canker-Rid. Canker-Rid claims to be the best remedy for canker sores. It is also an effective treatment for mouth sores and mouth ulcers. Read on to learn more about it.


Durham’s Bee Farm Canker-Rid contains:

  • Honey bee propolis- This is an all-natural ingredient produced by honey bees. Honey bees collect this resinous element from leaves and the bark of deciduous trees. A mixture of this resin with pollen, wax, bee bread, and nectar forms propolis. Propolis contains the amino acids and bioflavonoids needed to prevent infections.
  • Food alcohol


Dry the affected area of the mouth and apply one drop of the liquid using a q-tip or the squeeze bottle directly on the affected area. The pain should cease almost immediately. Be careful when using this product because it causes stains. In addition, keep it away from children.

Possible Side Effects

Although some people are allergic to bee stings, they can sometimes still use bee products. However, there is a chance that any product containing honey bee ingredients will provoke allergic reactions in people who are allergic to bee stings. Persons who are susceptible to such reactions should discontinue use and look for help from a health professional before using this product.


Consumers can purchase one bottle (1 oz or 28 grams) at the price of $19.95. This is a reasonable price for a product of this size. Consumers can also take advantage of the price discounts offered on the manufacturer’s site. If you buy three bottles or more, you will pay $18.95 for each bottle. If you buy six bottles or more, you will pay $17.95 for each bottle. If you buy twelve bottles or more, you will pay $15.95 for each bottle.


Durham’s Bee Farm Canker-Rid offers %100 satisfaction guarantee. A satisfaction guarantee shows that the manufacturer is sure that the product will satisfy the needs of their consumers. As a result, consumers are unlikely to worry about losing their money. This product has many positive customer reviews compared to most of the products we have come across. It has hundreds of positive testimonials from people who have used it. Many positive reviews show that most of the users are satisfied with the results of this product.


Based on the information gathered during this review, we conclude that Durham’s Bee Farm Canker-Rid is an ideal treatment for mouth sores, canker sores, and mouth ulcers. Bee propolis is known for its ability to cure sores and ulcers making it an ideal ingredient for a product that cures canker and mouth sores. Consumers should trust this product because of two major advantages. First, the manufacturer provides a %100 satisfaction guarantee, which proves that this product produces positive results. Secondly, numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers show that most users are pleased with the product. However, this product might cause severe reactions in people who are allergic to bee stings. Furthermore, it is not clear whether the manufacturer is GMP compliant.

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