This is a product review for EPIEN Medical Debacterol. According to the manufacturer, this product offers instantaneous and long-lasting relief from canker sores, oral ulcers, oral abrasions, and the pain associated with these conditions. It allows lesions to heal by sealing and protecting them for a few days. You will learn more about Debacterol as you continue reading this review.


EPIEN Medical Debacterol contains:

These ingredients are tissue denaturants. They work by dehydrating the affected tissue and fight the development process of sores.


Users should follow several steps to apply this product. The first step involves using a cotton applicator or a similar technique to dry the affected area of the mouth thoroughly. Use the application ring and make sure that the colored end is facing upwards. Bend the tip of the ring slowly until it snaps to allow the liquid to flow. The liquid should flow into the applicator’s tip. Use the applicator to apply the liquid on the dried and affected parts of your mouth for five seconds. Roll the applicator to apply the liquid on the ulcer rim and bed. At this point, you will experience a stinging sensation. Do not keep the applicator on ulcers for more than ten seconds. Use water to out rinse your mouth and spit the rinse into the sink. At this point, there should be immediate pain relief. Each ulcer treatment requires only one application. However, you can repeat the process if the pain returns immediately after rinsing because the solution might not have covered the ulcers completely.

Possible Side Effects

This product might cause some adverse reactions and it may lead to local irritation. In the case of irritation, rinse with baking soda. Mix ½ teaspoon with 120 milliliters of water. Contact a physician if the irritation persists. Furthermore, this product may cause unwanted symptoms in people who are allergic to products that contain sulfur. Swallowing this product is also dangerous, so look for immediate medical assistance a medical practitioner if you have accidentally swallowed this gel.


The price of one box of EPIEN Medical Debacterol that contains 12 units varies depending on the seller. On average, one box costs between 60 to 80 dollars. We consider this to be a reasonable price.


We did not find any money-back guarantee for EPIEN Medical Debacterol. Without this guarantee, some consumers might be skeptical about the effectiveness of this product. We found several positive customer reviews indicating that most users are satisfied with the results.


In conclusion, we believe that EPIEN Medical Debacterol is an effective treatment for canker sores because it contains two effective and trusted ingredients. The positive characteristics of this product include detailed dosage instructions and positive reviews from users. The negative characteristics of this product include the absence of a satisfaction guarantee and unwanted side effects.

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