This is a product review for EPIEN Medical Oralmedic Barrier Solution. This topical treatment claims to heal ulcerating lesions that affect the mouth such as canker sores. It also claims to provide quick and long-lasting relief from the discomfort and pain caused by oral mucosal ulcers. You will get more information about this product as your continue reading this review.


This product contains:

  • Hydroxymethoxybenzenesulfonic Acid
  • Hydroxybenzenesulfonic Acid
  • Water
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • FD&C Red 40


This product is a one-time remedy for mouth and canker sores. Users should follow several steps when using this product in order to achieve the best results. The first step involves drying the affected part with a drying swab. The second step involves bending the applicator to one side so that it snaps. The contents of the product will then flow to the tip. The third step involves applying the swab and holding it on the affected area for about five to ten seconds. At this point, the user will experience a short stinging sensation. Finally, rinse your mouth thoroughly and spit out the water. One application is sufficient, but if the pain returns immediately after rinsing, repeat the process. However, users are discouraged from repeating the process on one ulcer. You should be careful to avoid exposing your clothing to this product because it can cause damage or discolor fabrics.

Possible Side Effects

Our extensive research has revealed that users might experience some unwanted side effects. Consumers who are sensitive to sulfur should not use this product because it can affect them badly. Additionally, EPIEN Medical Oralmedic Barrier Solution is not safe for children under 12 years of age and pregnant women. Furthermore, this product might lead to local irritation after use. You should rinse thoroughly in case of irritation or contact a medical professional if the situation worsens.


The information gathered during this review shows that customers can purchase EPIEN Medical Oralmedic Barrier Solution for different prices depending on the seller. We saw one seller who is offering this product for $19.00 and we consider this a fair price.


This review also sought to find out whether the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee for this product, although we were unsuccessful. The lack of a money-back guarantee for this product may raise concerns regarding its quality among potential consumers. Furthermore, there are no customer reviews to show if this product satisfies users.


EPIEN Medical Oralmedic Barrier Solution could be the ideal treatment for mouth and canker sores because it uses trusted ingredients. It has a number of qualities that might attract potential customers. These qualities include clear dosage instructions and a fair price. However, potential consumers might doubt the effectiveness of this product because it lacks a satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, there are chances of experiencing some side effects.

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