Here is a review of HealthAid Myrrh Oil. According to the manufacturer, this oil has natural antiseptic properties. It can be used on all skin types and can also be used as a mouthwash as well as a way to combat certain ailments such as canker sores, gingivitis, spongy gums, sore throats, and pyorrhea. Please keep reading this review to see if this product is best suited for you and your needs.


HealthAid’s Myrrh Oil contains only pure Myrrh Oil or Commiphora myrrha.


You need to dilute this oil with an oil base or lotion base before you use this on your body. If you are going to use this as a mouthwash, this will also need to be diluted by being mixed with other oils. Never use this oil by itself, and always dilute it with other essential oils. The manufacturer’s website states that this oil blends well with oils in the citrus family and also with benzoin, frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, and clove.

Possible Side Effects

Women who are pregnant should avoid using this product. You should not ingest or consume HealthAid Myrrh Oil. If you are experiencing an adverse reaction to this oil, you should stop using it immediately and contact your physician. Since all skin types are different, it is best that you first test the product on a small section of your skin before you use it on big patches of skin.


The price for this product is $16.99 with free shipping. Since it is shipped from the UK, the shipping time is longer than normal. There are currently no discounts or bulk purchase options provided.


In order to get a full refund or even have a return honored, you will need to order from the manufacturer’s site directly. However, if you order from an authorized seller, you will need to abide by their return policy.

As far as customer reviews go, there are only a handful of them. They are all very positive stating that it’s a good oil but that is all they wrote. This means I do not know how or why they used the oil.


HealthAid Myrrh Oil is a natural way to combat dry, chapped skin and also certain mouth conditions such as mouth ulcers or inflammation of the gums. This is a great option for those who are looking to try a more natural approach to healing their body. The price is moderately affordable and both the manufacturer and authorized sellers honor a return policy.

There are a few negative aspects to take into consideration. There is a lack of reviews for this product. There are a handful of them and while all positive, they lack the information potential consumers may want. Since this is a multi-purpose product it is ideal for us to know if this product works in all aspects. By just exclaiming “it’s good” in a review doesn’t help the potential customer to determine why it’s good. The lack of availability is something to take into account as well. International shipping fees can be very expensive, so you may want to opt for a domestic natural oil to soothe your canker sores.

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