This product review gives you all the information you need to know about After RemeSense Dissolvable Film for Mouth Ulcers. This unique solution claims to use active film expertise to relieve the pain caused by canker sores, mouth ulcers, denture irritation, cheek bites, and abrasions. It also claims to speed up healing by forming a protective layer on the affected areas of your mouth. Read further to learn more about this product.


This product contains three main ingredients that heal canker sores. These ingredients are:

  • Hyaluronic acid– The role of this ingredient is to reform the tissue of the affected area of the mouth.
  • Red Mangrove Bark Extract- This extract plays a significant role in forming an impervious protective layer over the painful area of your mouth. This ingredient is the secret behind the second layer that prevents contact between the ulcer and external stimuli such as food and drink, which can cause terrible stinging.
  • Cellulose- The main role of this ingredient is to form a robust barrier to protect and isolate the infected part of the mouth.


Clean your hands and dry them before taking out the patch. Open the foil after tearing each blister. Gently position the patch on the affected area and press softly for about fifteen seconds to allow the patch to be moistened and stick to the affected area. Keep your tongue away from the patch. A second layer should form over the affected area after a few minutes. Let the patch dissolve and avoid drinking or eating for at least one hour. You can repeat the entire process after a few hours if necessary, or when the pain comes back. This product is suitable for both adults and children. Children should use this product with adult supervision. Consult a physician if the treatment is intended for children under the age of 4. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also consult a doctor before using this product.

Possible Side Effects

You should not use this product if you are allergic to its ingredients. If you ingest the remains of the patch it is safe, but ingesting large amounts may be harmful.


The price of 8 patches ranges from about €9 to €11.50 depending on the seller. This is a fair price and is unlikely to cause concern regarding this product’s quality. We did not find any price discounts for this product.


We were unable to find a satisfaction guarantee for this product. The lack of this guarantee may cause some customers to question the quality of this product. We found some positive reviews showing that users are satisfied with the results of this product.


In summary, this product has both positive and negative characteristics that customers need to know about before buying it. Its benefits include a unique, effective formula and positive customer reviews. However, there is no money-back guarantee to convince potential buyers that this product is effective. Furthermore, this product may cause some allergic reactions. In addition, there is no evidence of GMP certification.

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