This product review focuses on Soothagel. This product claims to treat mouth ulcers, canker sores, pain caused by dentures, painful gums, and gingivitis. It works by forming a protective layer, easing pain, protecting against irritation, reducing inflammation, and speeding up the natural healing process. Read on to learn more about this product.


The main ingredient used to make this product is natural. Clinical studies have proven that it can cure mouth ulcers by restoring the naturally protecting membrane of the mouth and speeding up cell turnover.

  • Oxygenated Glycerol Triesters O.G.T. 90%
  • Petrolatum Oil
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Aspartame
  • Flavourings


If you have canker sores, apply a slight amount of the gel directly onto the affected area of your mouth. Apply three to four times per day. You can use your clean finger or a cotton ball. Avoid rinsing your mouth immediately after applying the gel. Moreover, make sure that your mouth is clean. If you have gingivitis, apply a slight amount of the gel directly onto the sensitive area of your mouth two to three times per day. Massage thoroughly until you are satisfied with the results. Avoid rinsing your mouth immediately after applying this gel. It is also advisable to maintain optimal oral hygiene. If you have painful gums or pain caused by dentures, gently massage the gel into your gums in the morning and in the evening, or as required, before placing the dentures in your mouth. Use small radial movements to ensure that the gel is absorbed well. Repeat this procedure until the symptoms show satisfactory improvement.

It is important to see your general practitioner if the symptoms worsen or fail to disappear after using the gel for at least five days. Seeing a GP is important if you are experiencing a prolonged infection or bleeding.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer warns users against using this product if they are allergic to its ingredients. Users are advised to stop using Soothagel if they experience allergic reactions to it.


The price of one tube is £3.05 and the shipping price is £1.50 per order. This is a reasonable price because the tube is relatively small. We did not find any price discounts.


There is no money-back guarantee for used or opened products. The return policy only allows customers to return unused tubes in their original condition. In this regard, customers who have already used the product and are dissatisfied with the results are unlikely to get a refund. We were unable to find any customer reviews for this product, so it is difficult to know how many customers are satisfied with the results.


In sum, before considering Soothagel as a treatment for mouth ulcers and related conditions, compare the product’s merits and demerits. Its advantages include an affordable price and detailed information in terms of dosage and application. The disadvantages of this product include the lack of a money-back guarantee for opened products, the absence of customer reviews, and the possibility of experiencing negative side effects.

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