This will be a review of TePe Gengigel. The manufacturer claims that this product is ideal for those who suffer from common oral conditions such as soreness and inflammation caused by canker sores. They also state that this product can be used to protect and promote healing after different types of dental procedures. Please keep reading to see if this product is ideal for you and your oral needs.


The main ingredients in this product are:

  • Hyaluronan, more commonly known as Hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is meant to act as a barrier and help to repair gum damage.
  • Glycosaminoglucan or (GAG) which is something that is found in healthy connective tissues.
  • Water
  • Xylitol
  • Excipients


In order to get the best results with this product, you should rinse with 10 ml of TePe Gengigel for 1-2 minutes after you brush your teeth. This should be done 3-4 times daily for 3 to 4 weeks.

Possible Side Effects

You should not use this product if you have any known sensitivities to the ingredients found in Gengigel. It is not recommended for you to use other products or consume any food or drinks for at least 30 minutes after it has been used. This should not be given to children and should be kept at room temperature.


This is not sold directly from the manufacturer’s website. However, they do have a list of stores where this product can be purchased. The price range for this item is between $11.00 to $12.00 depending on which store you decide to purchase it from. It must also be noted that TePe Gengigel is mainly sold in the UK and Ireland so it may be harder to get a hold of in different countries. Some of the stores mentioned do offer international shipping, which may be expensive.


There is no mention of any guarantee from the company. There is a contact email and phone number listed under their “Contact” tab where you can go to ask any questions or bring up concerns you may have. Despite not having a guarantee on the company’s website, you should look at the return policies of some of the authorized sellers. You may be able to get reimbursed if this product does not work for you.

As far as consumer reviews, most are generally very positive about the product. They state they have seen results, although the ones that wrote neutral reviews seem to have a sensitivity to the product.


TePe Gengigel is something to consider purchasing if you have been suffering from certain dental conditions such as sore gums and inflammation. The ingredients mimic what is naturally found in your body as well. Also, the reviews have been very positive, which reinforces the belief that if used as directed, you will see results.

Perhaps the few negative aspects to consider is the price, lack of availability, and the lack of a guarantee. The fact that it is a little more expensive than its competitors may deter people as well. Overall, while the reviews are positive, the difficulty of purchasing this product and case-by-case sensitivity makes me think there may be a better alternative to treat your canker sores.

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