This is going to be a review of Ulceloocin Canker Sore Patch. The manufacturer states that this product is meant to promote fast healing for canker sores or mouth ulcers. The product is meant to act as a wound dressing for your mouth core or ulcer, creating a barrier to help soothe pain and avoid more irritation. Please keep reading to see if this product is ideal for you.


As far as ingredients go, it states that the only active ingredient is inorganic elements. There is nothing else available as to what else this product consists of. While it can be discerning that there is no information about what is in this product, the manufacturer states it has been approved by the US FDA.


In order to use this product properly, you will need to apply a patch with clean and dry fingers. Place the patch on top of the affected area for a few seconds. The patch will get softwith your saliva and adhere to the area to create the protective layer. Do not try and remove the patch, as it is best to leave it on the area until it has fully dissolved. It is best to apply the patch to the affected area 30 minutes before meals to avoid further irritation and pain.

Possible Side Effects

According the manufacturer, this product is made with inorganic elements and will not cause any sort of side effects. However, since there is no mention of specific ingredients, we cannot say whether this product will cause side effects or allergic reactions.


Oddly, even with some research, I could not find the price for this product per unit. It is only sold with wholesale prices. I think perhaps since this item is not regularly sold in the United States, it may be hard to come by.


I could not find any information when it came to this company’s guarantee. There is no return policy or any sort of information available for the customer. However, there is a contact link for those who wish to inquire about Ulceloocin Canker Sore Patch or bring up any concerns they might have.

As far as any customer reviews for this product, there were none to be found. Again, I think this is due to the lack of availability in the US. Regardless of how hard I searched, I couldn’t even find a site that offered this product for purchase.


Ulceloocin Canker Sore Patch seems to be an ideal product. However, with the lack of reviews to back up these claims, it’s impossible to know whether or not this is a high quality product. Besides the lack of reviews, the fact it’s very hard to find and purchase is another setback. No one wants to jump through hoops to find a product, especially one that does not have a guarantee, an ingredients list or customer reviews.

Overall, I think the cons outweigh the pros for this product. If you want to find a product to protect your canker sores and mouth ulcers, you should take your money elsewhere and find another product that is more readily available.

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